Strenx Processor & Stockholder

Ideally located in Rotherham, near Sheffield, MTL is one of the largest processors of components manufactured from Strenx Steel. Our skilled workforce has many years’ experience working with this material, which was previously known as Domex and Weldox.

Strenx is a high impact steel which is also lighter and stronger than standard Mild Steel. It is commonly used in various industries such as Agricultural, Automotive and Construction due to the high use of load-bearing parts/structures and low weight requirements, such as tippers, trailer chassis, skips and cranes.


Due to our extensive manufacturing capabilities, we can laser/plasma cut, press, fabricate and machine Strenx parts up to 700HB. We can also waterjet cut Strenx to avoid a Heat Affected Zone (HAZ).  As one of the UK’s largest Strenx Stockholder, we can offer customers a fast turnaround due to our extensive stock on site in various grades and thicknesses.

Our Business Development Team can offer on-site visitation to provide expert advice, discuss your Strenx requirements and help in the design optimisation stage of the project.


We can supply:

Strenx 700, Strenx 900, Strenx 1100 and Strenx 1300.

For any Strenx enquiries or for further information please call us on +44 (0)114 261 7979 or send enquiries to