Corten Steel

MTL offer expertise in Corten Steel combined with a complete package of fabrication, laser cutting, bending and assembly.  Due to our extensive manufacturing capabilities, including 28,000 sq meters of manufacturing space, we offer complete flexibility and quick turnaround.

We supply Corten Steel in the following sizes:

Thickness: 0.5mm-40mm

Width: up to 3330mm

Length:  Up to 15000mm

What is Corten Steel?

Corten Steel (Cor-ten®) is a low-alloy, high-strength outdoor steel and is one of the groups of ‘Weathering Steels’ developed for its superior resistance to corrosion. It is designed to develop a rusty appearance once left to weather, which reduces the need for painting.

The rust that develops seals the surface by creating a protective layer preventing further corrosion and reduces the amount of glare which can be found on standard metals.  This process reduces the amount of maintenance which is required whilst simultaneously increasing the life span of the material.

Alloyed with nickel, copper and chromium, this increases the strength and corrosion resistance.  Originally used in USA in the 1930’s for coal carriages, Corten is now used in a variety of different outdoor applications. Within architecture it can be incorporated into many designs such as buildings, roofing, bridges and sculptures.

The oxidisation process which develops on Corten Steel, occurs when the material is subjected to the alternating wet and dry conditions which exist outdoors.  Over time, the rust layer develops into a patina layer changing the colour from orange to dark brown through continuous regeneration promoting resistance to corrosion.

The entire oxidisation process can take between 4-10 years, however more frequent wet and dry cycles will speed this process up.  Whilst the Corten steel doesn’t prevent rusting, it will reduce the amount of corrosion when applied correctly.

What are the benefits of Corten Steel?

Corten Steel has many benefits including maintenance and longevity. Alongside high-strength, Corten is a very low maintenance steel which is ideal for structures where maintenance can be difficult or dangerous such as bridges, or where disruption needs to be minimised such as around major roads or railways.

Corten can be constructed more quickly than other types of steel since processes such as painting can be eliminated. The rust appearance which develops on Corten Steel can increase the longevity of the application given the resistance to corrosion therefore creating a more economical solution.

Why MTL?

MTL is the partner of choice for in the UK for Construction Companies, Landscaping Companies and Architects, given the unrivalled manufacturing capability.  We continuously upgrade our machinery which ensures the highest quality product for the best possible price. As everything happens under one roof, this means faster lead times and reduced transportation costs.

We undertake a wide range of projects across different industries and we are happy to provide quotations for all work. From start to finish MTL provide a fully comprehensive service.

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