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MTL are experts in laser cutting and have become a reputable global supplier of laser cut parts. Starting as a laser cutting company, it has remained at our core as we have gradually expanded to offer a wide range of services.

Laser Cutting Large Bed

Large Bed Laser Cutting

Our impressive 7,000 sq. m bay dedicated exclusively to cutting, houses 7 industry leading laser cutting machines with capacity in excess of 1000 hours per week.

Our Messer is the largest laser cutting machine in the UK, capable of cutting both chamfers and weld preps of up to +/- 50 degrees. This improves efficiency and productivity and in turn reduces costs and lead times for our customers. This machine can cut parts up to 20m long x 3.2m wide x 25mm thick. Our large scale cutting is perfect for large parts or fabrication components.

Our profile cutting machine is capable of profiling carbon steels to a large scale – 10m x 4m and a thickness of 120mm. The machine is effective when used on tough metals including Hardox and Weldox.

Laser cutting has numerous benefits and is generally the fastest type of cutting in comparison to other traditional methods. Due to our ability to add weld preps, it can eliminate the need for any secondary machining, therefore bringing the costs down overall. It is also more energy efficient than other methods such as plasma.

Precision levels and edge quality are generally better when laser cutting compared to other methods as the laser beam will not wear during the cutting process. We can also cut complex shapes without relying on tooling, all at a similar or even faster rate than other cutting methods.

We are able to achieve small diameter holes and cut intricate detail in sheet or plate metals using our laser cutting machine. Laser cutting gives better edge quality and is able to achieve a more precise finish.

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