Our policy is to invest in the latest state of the art technology, continuously improving our laser cutting, automated robotic bending and welding capabilities. These improvements allow us to offer our customers an enhanced value proposition.

MTL is an expert in cutting, bending, machining and welding parts in large format and thick metal materials. Aligned with our lean processing methods and techniques, our capabilities mean we are able to keep waste at an absolute minimum. The efficiency we can achieve enables us to adapt our production to many different types of parts, in large or small volumes

Laser CuttingMTL Laser Cutting Capabilities

> 22 Flat Bed Laser Cutting Machines
> Max 20m x 3.2m x 20mm thick [with bevel capability to 45 degrees]

Waterjet Cutting

> 3 Waterjet Cutting Machines
> Max 7.3 x 2.4 x 200mm thick

High Definition Plasma Cutting

> 2 High-Definition Plasma Cutters up to 25m x 5m and 40mm wall thickness
[with bevel capability up to 40 degrees]

> 1 High-Definition Plasma Cutting Machine up to 10m x 2.5m and 50mm wall thickness                                                                                                                          [Chamfered edges up to ± 50 degrees and ‘True Hole’ Technology]

Tube Cutting

> 1 Robotic Plasma Tube Cutting Machine [up to 1000mm dia x 40mm wall thickness]
> 2 Laser Tube Cutting Machines [up to 220mm dia, 6m max output size]

CNC Machining

> 40+ CNC Machines
> CNC Turning up to 4m length, 950 diameter
> CNC Milling up to 11.5m x 1.5m x (2.5m + 0.45m)


> 24 Press Brake Machines
> Max 7.6m  x 640t with robotic handling system & angle checking device


> 150 Skilled Welders/Fabricators
> 12 Robotic Welding Cells up to 8m long
> Small to Large Projects up to 300 tonnes

Finishing & Treatment

> Automated Powder Coating
> Wet Paint Facilities
> Shot Blasting