Weldox has been rebranded in 2015 as Strenx.

Weldox/Strenx is the brand name of hot-rolled sheet steel from SSAB. This high-strength steel is low-alloy, cold-formed steel intended for use in the automotive and engineering industries. An extra high strength structural steel (starting at 700MPa), Weldox has high purity, even mechanical characteristics and evenly distributed stress. The advanced process control and heat treatment ensures excellent machining properties.

This high-strength steel has excellent formability, and good weldability meaning it can undergo various manufacturing processes. Due to our extensive capacity in cutting, pressing, machining and fabrication, this can all be undertaken within our 300,000 sq. ft. facility.



Based on previous projects at MTL we have the capability to reduce the manufacturing costs and weight by up to 30%. This is particularly advantageous for use in the automotive industry, where designers aim to keep structural weight low but strength handling levels high.

It can be welded, bent, cut and machined in the same way as ordinary steel. As a result, it saves production costs, as bending rather than welding reduces costly welding time thus improving efficiency. Its properties make it the ideal material for cranes and booms. It has an outstanding toughness for a multitude of load carrying structures and other applications. Leading features are uniform properties, easy to weld and possible to bend to very tight tolerances.

Using Weldox is an investment due to its high quality, higher durability and higher strength in comparison to alternatives. It is less susceptible to damage, saving money long term on repair and replacement costs.

We have a vast stock range of Weldox plate ranging from Weldox 700 to Weldox 1300 in thicknesses from 4mm to 140mm as well as alternative brands from other Western Steel producers at customers request. Plate sizes are available up to 12m long x 3.2m wide.

We are experts in:

Cutting Weldox

Pressing Weldox

Machining Weldox

We offer alternatives such as:


For any Weldox or Strenx enquiries or for further information please call us on +44 (0)114 261 7979 or send enquiries to enquiries@mtladv.com