Armoured Aluminium

Armoured Aluminium is light, tough and corrosion resistant alternative to steel with the proven ballistic performance and hence, offers good protection without compromising mobility.

MTL works with armoured vehicle manufacturers. Our knowledge of the market allows customers to recognise large weight savings without reducing levels of protection. Whether for hull structures, appliqué/add-on kits or underbelly applications, a wide variety of advanced aluminium solutions allow our customers to respond to different needs.

We hold long standing relationships with some of the leading armoured vehicle manufacturers in Europe, South Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. MTL has provided armoured aluminium products for integral application products such a pplique and underbelly armour.

MTL has a strategic partnership with ALCOA Defense for armoured aluminium, offering a unique value enhanced proposition. We can supply components ranging from a simple waterjet cut profile to a fully machined and painted fabrication in both blast and ballistic grades.

Building on our expertise in forming steel armour plate, we have developed a reliable and repeatable cold forming process for aluminium armour plate which can change the design and manufacture of aluminium land system platforms in the future.

Aluminium armour materials were never developed with cold forming in mind so intrinsically pose challenges to avoid common modes of failure such as cracking. MTL and ALCOA have collaborated to create a reliable and repeatable cold forming process, backed by scientific and engineering validation. To accomplish this, not only have we pushed current forming technology to its limits, but ALCOA have developed innovative methods of material testing to validate and assure optimum material resilience with its renowned widely qualified aluminium armour plate products.