Tube Cutting

MTL is an expert in cutting material, offering four methods under one roof – laser, waterjet, profile and plasma.

Plasma cutting is a process of cutting whereby an electrically charged gas stream (plasma) is accelerated through a small hole at high speed towards the material, cutting through it.

Plasma cutting’s versatility allows for 3 dimensional cutting, such as tube, pipe and profiles. Our CNC machine is designed specifically for cutting tube and pipe.

We have invested in the latest state-of-the-art robotic plasma tube cutting equipment to expand our wide range of capabilities and to service the Construction and Offshore & Renewable Energy sectors.

Our tube cutting technology replaces the need for manual processes by hand, such as hand grinding, sawing and drilling. Instead, it offers a fully repeatable and reliable process insusceptible to human error. Tube/pipe can be cut more accurately, more efficiently and more cost effectively.

The benefits of robotic tube cutting will make the design and fabrication stages of complex tubular structures a simple task, negating the need to use time consuming and labour intensive methods such as templates and grinders.

Another benefit robotic tube cutting offers is eliminating secondary work by having weld preps done while the material is being processed in one pass. This eliminates jigs, fixtures, clamps, paper templates, angle grinders and sawing equipment, giving our customers a more cost effective solution. Recent developments in high precision/high definition plasma cutting processes has significantly improved the quality and the precise nature of this cutting process and eliminates the need for edge dressing producing a quality product ready for use.

Our tube cutting capabilities:

  • 120mm – 1000mm diameter tube cutting
  • 40mm cutting thickness
  • Complex developed profiles
  • Weld preps to +/- 40 degrees
  • Achieves a tolerance of +/- 1mm

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