High Definition Plasma Cutting with Bevel Capability

Plasma cutting is a process of cutting whereby an electrically charged gas stream (plasma) is accelerated through a small hole at high speed towards the material, cutting through it.

MTL has invested in the latest high definition plasma cutting technology, our new machine has a large format cutting area of 25m x 5m and twin head cutting capability to allow high-speed cost effective cutting of components up to 50mm thick. With two cutting heads, this machine has the capability of cutting both chamfers up to +/- 40 degrees.

MTL’s state-of-the-art high definition plasma cutting machines have been designed to cut on one side of the plasma bed whilst operators unload the other. This allows our machines to run continuously, ensuring that we offer one of the most competitive high definition plasma cutting services in the UK.

High Definition Plasma Cutting Machine

High Definition Plasma Cutting Machine

High definition plasma cutting gives the end user an alternative to laser cutting when using material thicker than 10mm. This is important to consider when looking at the material type as high definition plasma will give a comparably acceptable cut to a laser cut part depending on the tolerances specified by the customer.

Advantages of using the high definition plasma cutting method include its rapid cutting speed and ability to cut through a wide range of materials and thicknesses. Although plasma cutting involves the use of heat – the HAZ (heat affected zone) is narrow.

Recent developments in high precision/high definition plasma cutting processes has significantly improved the quality and the precise nature of this cutting process and eliminates the need for edge dressing producing a quality product ready for use.

Our high definition plasma cutting machines are both CNC (operated by Computer Numerical Control), so the torch head is computer controlled, producing cleaner, sharper cuts.

For any plasma cutting enquiries or for further information please call us on +44 (0)114 261 7979 or send enquiries to enquiries@mtladv.com