MTL Advanced secures Boxer Vehicle Defence Contracts with KNDS which will exceed a total contract value of £40m over the coming years.

DSEI exhibitor MTL Advanced Ltd (stand H5-101), a leading contract manufacturing and fabrication specialist, has announced its recent success in being awarded additional multi-million, multi-year defence contracts from KNDS for the UK’s Boxer programme.

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MTL Advanced is adding to its current contract to supply armoured steel kits of parts for over 450 Drive Modules to KNDS’s fabrication line in Stockport.

In addition to this existing contract, MTL has now also been awarded a further contract to undertake the full fabrication and assembly of Mission Modules.

These contracts, which have a combined value in excess of £40 million over the next 8 years, mark another significant milestone for MTL Advanced and demonstrate customers confidence in MTL’s abilities and reputation as the leading supplier of complex armoured fabrications to the defence industry.

Karl Stewart, General Manager of MTL Advanced said: “We are delighted to have been awarded these prestigious contracts. This achievement not only reinforces our position as a trusted partner in the defence industry, but also reflects the exceptional capabilities of our factory and our team. We are proud to be contributing to the production of the UK’s Boxer vehicles, which will play a vital role in enhancing the operational capabilities of the British armed forces.

He continued to state, “Contracts of this type allow the business to grow its workforce in both skilled labour and invest in the future through our award-winning apprenticeship scheme. Based on this and other contracts which MTL has won over the last 6 months, the company is expecting to hire over 50 additional staff during 2024 and create opportunities for a further 15 apprenticeship positions per year”.

On the back of these recent contract awards, MTL Advanced has invested over £2.5m during 2023 in new equipment and during 2024 will be making further significant investments in new equipment and the manufacturing footprint.

Ian Anderton, Managing Director of WFEL Ltd (a company of KNDS) said: “KNDS demands the highest quality components and service levels from its sub-contractors and as MTL meets these rigorous requirements, we are pleased to welcome them to our UK supply chain. Partnerships like this highlight our commitment to a long-term collaborative approach supporting co-investment in delivery, innovation and manufacturing in the UK.”


Read more about the Boxer 8×8 Armoured Vehicle: 

The 8×8 Boxer is a highly versatile and technologically advanced platform, designed to meet the evolving requirements of modern armed forces across the globe. The vehicle is designed to be highly modular, with a variety of mission modules that can be swapped out to meet different operational requirements, including Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC), Specialist Carrier Vehicle, Command Post, and Ambulance.

The below video showcases the various mission modules available for Boxer.

(Video source: Forces News)

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