Hardox (R) 500 Tuf

Hardox (R) 500 Tuf – A Newcomer to the Hardox Range

MTL Advanced Ltd is one of the largest Hardox Wearparts Centre’s in the UK and is a Hardox 500 Tuf stockholder and processor to clients in a range of industries around the world.

Hardox 500 Tuf wear plate is the latest upgrade to the Hardox range. This high strength steel combines the best properties from Hardox 450 and Hardox 500, producing a wear plate with no real competition on the market.

We hold stock of Hardox 500 Tuf in various thicknesses from 3.0mm to 25.4mm and due to our extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities, can laser/waterjet cut, bend & fold, machine and fabricate Hardox 500 Tuf to the UK’s highest standards.

Hardox 500 Tuf


What is Hardox (R) 500 Tuf?

Hardox 500 Tuf delivers exceptional strength in a single wear plate and is also lighter and more durable. This is due to its unique combination of hardness and toughness. It has the toughness necessary to perform as a structural material in various different industries including Recycling, Construction, Mining and anywhere when heavy-duty products are necessary. Hardox 500 Tuf is also workshop friendly and can be processed by the same machinery used for other grades of Hardox and has a similar bendability recomendations to those for Hardox 450.



Mechanical Properties

Thickness (mm) – 3.0 – 25.4
Hardness* (HBW) – 475 – 505
Typical yield strength (MPa) not guaranteed – 1250 – 1400

*Brinell hardness, HBW, according to EN ISO 6506-1, on a milled surface 0.5 – 3 mm below surface. At least one test specimen per heat and 40 tons.

For more information, please download the Hardox 500 Tuf data sheet.

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